About Gray



GRAY LIGHTFOOT is a writer and performance poet who lives in the old Kingdom of Cornwall (that’s the pointy bit that sticks out a the bottom of Great Britain) with Wendy and a one-eyed black cat called Licky (it’s short for Liquorice). Along with most other writers he doesn’t earn enough to make a living, so he drives buses around the Cornish peninsula to pay the bills…but he’s happy…and that, to all intents and purposes, is the main thing.
He has now written two novels THE MALTHOUSE FALCON and BIGG’S LEAP (in the Humphrey Boggart comic fantasy series) and one book of poetry called A VIEW FROM A CAB (the poetry and musings of a bus driver in Cornwall)

Check out his websites at…
http://www.graylightfoot.co.uk (for his poetry)
http://www.graylightfoot.uk (for his novels)

TWITTER: @whollygrayl

FACEBOOK: Gray Lightfoot – poet, sort of, from Penzance.


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